I will spare you from my critique of sex worker related Netflix originals there currently are. I’m probably not saying anything that other sex workers haven’t said. But if I had creative control I will make a pro-sex work propaganda program. (Which is probably why no one will ever give me creative control… lol)

The main character will be a woman who’s graduated law school and has passed the bar while doing sex work to support herself. She worked at a good law firm for a while, but she returned to being a high end escort after realizing that the law firm wasn’t a good fit for her. One day she receives a call from an old boyfriend. Or any other distant acquaintance, doesn’t matter. He says his sister was arrested for solicitation, and asks for help because he knows she went to law school. She helps his sister, who then tells her sex worker friends about the lawyer who helped her.

Sex workers starts coming to her for help with child custody, eviction, immigration, rape, etc. Of course, she isn’t an experienced lawyer, but with the help of her lawyer escort clients and friends & mentors from law school & law firm, she is able to help them, and rediscovers her passion for law. It probably doesn’t work that way in real life but hey, it’s television.

It will show that highly educated sex workers with “other options” still choose to do sex work for their own reasons, while representing less privileged sex workers as well. It will represent different kinds of sex work, dommes, dancers, cam models, not just full service sex workers. It will show real life concerns that sex workers face. And in court she will argue for sex workers’ rights. She won’t win every case but the viewers will have heard those arguments for sex worker rights, which is the point.

A series needs some good romance, so she will have a boyfriend, who knows that she does sex work. Once she starts picking up legal cases while still doing sex work, she has less and less time for him so their relationship is strained, because television romance needs some drama, but they work it out. It will fight the misconception that sex workers cannot have a good romantic relationship.

Time spent on showing her dates with clients will be limited as that is not what the show is about, but when her dates are shown, it will serve to break the stereotypes about sex workers’ clients. The admin side of sex work will be featured as well, to keep things realistic. But not too realistic, because we don’t need people outside of the industry knowing too much.

She has family and friends, and most of them don’t know about her sex work. She struggles with keeping the secret. It will show that sex workers are people with loved ones, and that someone you know and love might be a sex worker.

Of course this is all just something I daydream about when I’m on trains, so I haven’t put that much thought into it because it will never happen, but yeah, that’s what I would do if I were a TV producer. It’s fun to think about.